The Disadvantages Of Dissertation Writing Services

I do not trust the academic society if I must deliver a task for them to handle, and I know I am not the only one because a chain of friends too despise the program. I would rather prefer sitting on my laptop the entire time I am needed to submit my dissertation that invest on a service and a product that I will regret of it at the end.

Two years ago after I had competed my PhD, I hired a firm to handle my dissertation on food security and health. The way they had marketed themselves overpowered my instincts and I ended up allocating the task to them. It begun with the fancy website they had to the services such as on time delivery, quality writers to handle dissertations and cheap and affordable prices.

My one time experience with this writing service was a turn off to every other service that claims this services and this is why:

They Do Not Have Qualified Writers

No one could complete their PhD levels and expect to go back to the same service he or hired someone to handle for him or her. Dissertations are critical and by the time someone claims to be experienced, then it must have taken him a decade or more to just study on dissertation writing. I do not expect that someone the same level as I am still shares data from different aspects including education, health, law, engineering and so on.

Therefore, these writing services are a hoax. The more you trust them with your data, the more you will lose a lot of money paying for a service hardly talked about. I ended up receiving the worst type of dissertation in the name of it was handled by expert writers.

They Do Not Deliver Dissertations On Time

To attract an audience, almost all dissertation writing services will assure you that your dissertation will be handed to you on time, way before the deadline. A clever student should be able to weight the information and treat that as a rumor. It is not easy to submit a dissertation paper within a month and a service that tells you so is a fake one, unless extreme plagiarism is exercised.

My dissertation was submitted almost two weeks after the deadline and four weeks since the day they had promised to deliver it. Besides, a dissertation paper that is so fast to be delivered, even if kit has been researched on or is their own work is always shoddy and shaky. The credibility of its information is not justified.

 Over Charge Their Dissertations

At first, I was told I was only to pay for the final dissertation paper and that the amount I had paid would cater for the full production of my dissertation. Later, I was informed that my dissertation required a lot of resources and research and looked like I needed a more quality project, so I ended up paying extra fees.

I was informed that once you have paid for a dissertation writing service that is the final fee you are paying. These services are in a bid to swindle funds from their clients indirectly since they are aware that they will hardly do a thing to cancel their orders.

They Plagiarize Other Peoples Work

I knew since I was in high school that plagiarism was an academic offence. I wondered how the writing service I had trusted with my dissertation would end up using someone else’s same dissertation and editing the key words would submit something they had not done and had already run away with my money. Almost all of these companies claim to do their work but I can assure you none do as they say. Very few of them portray that ability and almost none will embrace it

Do not trust these services, but only few.