Put Your Memorable Photo On Your Custom Pillow Case

You may have been toying with the idea to put your beautiful photo in your most comfortable pillow. Now, you can make it by yourselves at home. If you are a person who loves crafting for spending your weekend at home. This custom pillow case can be your best way to make your weekend more wonderful. In addition, photo custom pillow cover can be your unique touch in your home decoration for your bedrooms, kids bedrooms, sofa or couch.

In addition, you can try to transfer your photo on your cushion cover or sofa pillow cover. Before going further, you should prepare several materials including the desired photo to be printed, transfer paper, computer, printer, light-colored pillow case, pillow, sewing machine (optional), pillow, burlap, and iron. After you have done prepared the material. The first thing you should do it by printing your preferred photo. You need to keep mind that you can flip your image to get the original look like the soft file. Or you just leave as it used to be because it is not a problem when you transfer a photo on fabric. If you want to transfer some writing on your pillow case, you should flip the word first before printing. After you have printed the photo on your transfer paper, you should wait for 30 minutes before transferring on your fabrics using iron.

You can work with any sizes you like but in this tutorial, we would like to cut 1 piece of 20 x 20 inches light colored pillow case and one of 20 x 20 inches burlap for each pillow case. We would like to recommend to use electrical iron and do not use steam. Then, heat up the iron to the highest heat setting. Iron all the pieces of fabric, make sure that there no a wrinkle in them. After waiting they cool, now you can go to transfer the photo. Face down the photo on one piece of the fabric and you can start ironing firmly in circles for 15-20 seconds. Wait for it cooler, and you can just peel the backing off. And, viola, your photo custom pillow case is beautifully done! Next step, you should sew two pieces of fabric, if you have a sewing machine, you can work with it. If you do not have, you can sew your custom pillow case by hands. You can find the tutorial on the internet. So, happy trying, crafty folks!